The Calandex Table of Contents

Calandex II Table of Contents (TOC)
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Understanding the Calandex
Initial Setup
Getting Started / Setup

Calandex Start Up:
Go to ...
  Opening Page:
Go to ... About Page
Go to ... Register the Calandex
Go to ... Sign In / Set Up / Schedule File Maintenance
Go to ... Family Calendar / Schedule View &
    Go to ... Add New Event(s)
Go to ... Matrix View DataBase (MVDB) - Subjects/People & Groups
Go to ... Export / E-Mails
Date / Time
Company Web Site info - Calandex Web Site at:
Company E-Mail Address - Contact Us at:

Sign In / Set Up / Schedule File Maitenance:
Go to ...
Sign In / Set Up
Calendar Event Maitenance
Go to ... Sign In - User Names / Passwords
Go to ... Calandex Set Up
Go to ... Schedule File Maintenance
File Repair Button
Back Up Button

Calendar / Chronolog / Schedule View:
Go to ...
View / Edit
Calendar Events
Go to ... Set the Start Date & Time to View
Go to ... Use Filters to change the View
Go to ... Populate the Subject Check List
Go to ... Add New Event(s)
Go to ... Edit Event(s) and
  View Event Notes and
  Add Recurring Elements
Go to ... View Combined Event(s) with the MVDB
Go to ... Go to MVDB - without Event sharing
Go to ... Export Event(s)

Add New Events to the Schedule View:
Go to ...
Input New
Calendar Events
    Go to ... Add: Type of Event
  • A 'part of the day' event
  • Event that spans more than 1 day
  • An 'all day' Event
  • A Reminder Event

  • ...Include Unlimited Notes
Go to ... Add Recurring Elements to an Event
....including 'Every Year' tag, & associate MVDB data
Go to ... Add non-continuous 'Rercurring Elements' to an Event
after posting the Event(s)

Matrix View DataBase (MVDB) - Contacts:
Go to ...
Go to ... Finding & Viewing Data'
Go to ... Associating Subjects with Groups
Go to ... Using the 'Switch' command
Go to ... Edit, Add, Delete Data
Go to ... Populate 'drop-down' Lists
Go to ... Compare MVDB Data
Go to ... view MVDB Data with Scheduled Event(s)
Go to ... Export Data

Export Reports
Combine, Find, Share, & E-Mail Functions
Go to ...
Report Page
Exported Data
Combine and Share
Go to ...
'Add' Calendar Events and/or MVDB Data
and/or Note/List Files
Find in Combined Data
Save Exported data
Print Exported data
Share Exported data
Delineate Text to Txt for Text Messaging (SMS)
E-Mail Functions:
  Activate default E-Mail client program
Go to ...
  Load E-Mail Addresses to a simple check list
  Set up E-Mail Groups
Go to ... modify Txt message algorithm
Go to ... Import and Compare MVDB