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Import / Compare Page

All Imported or Comparison Data come to this page for review.
Compare Data from the MVDB View Page or
New Imported Data from a Calandex II (Cdex) or vCard (vcf) File.
View Page

Top half data or 'New' is in a temporary database and will disappear on exit -
The bottom half data is in the current database and any changes will be permanent !!!
The Current Data represents some Duplicate existing data to the New Data
You get to inspect the data before you store it in your database !!!

Once you review the data, tools are provided to keep what you want and discard the rest.

Important !!!
Pictures put in the Import Directory:
"Program Data\FBx Software\Calandex DataBase\FBxImport\SubPic_*.bmp"
are added automatically when the MVDB is activated.
However, they will not be added if Import file(s):
Program Data\FBx Software\Calandex DataBase\FBxImport\CaldexExp_*.Cdex"
exist in the Import Directory.

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