(Use your mouse and drag the lines between the panes to change the window size)

The MVDB - Adding New Address and/or Phone only Data

In this example we are inputting a new Phone/E-Mail record.
Also, We have instructed the Calandex to attach the new Phone rexord to the Subject.
(the current Subject, in this case Denise Anderson-McAllister) after the new Subject is saved.

Press the 'Go ->' button to go into Edit Mode.

The link below shows the view after the 'Go ->' button is pushed.
Go to View

Important Notes: Note: The color of the Fields change when in Edit Mode.

  • Use the 'Tab' key to move around sequentially.
  • When you have multiple Address/Web and Phone/E-Mail Records -
    they appear in alphabetical order according to the 'Type' Field
    Put a space or a number (0) as the first character in the 'Type' Field,
    This will make this record be the first viewed when you call their Subject or Group.