Db Page To see this view:
  1. Click on 'Group'
  2. Click on 'Name'
  3. under '
    Find by'
  4. Type the letters 'be...' until
    Click on 'Name'
  5. Type the letters 'be ' in the box
    to the left of:
      '<- Enter Search Criteria......'
      (not done here) and/or
  6. Scroll to 'Bennet Family'
  7. Click on 'Bennet Family'


Press the Subject to Group button:
    (not shown here)
Go to Screen Shot
  Select 'Ann ....'

Note: The Address and Phone records
change to those connected to Ann...

Press the Address/Web->Group button
or the Phone/E-Mail->Subject button:
to select Address and Phone records
attached to the Family.

Enlarge Screen Shot