The MVDB - Finding a Subject or Group to View
using the 'Find By ...' option 'Date/Who-In':

Select 'Subjects / People ...' then 'Date/Who-In' under 'Find By ...' and get:

Db Page

In this example we are going to find the Subject's that match selected Dates and  an optional
Who input or last modified the data.
The selections work like a filter and result in a selectable list.

If we selected Groups / Business... rather than Subjects / People ...,
we would get a list of Groups that match the criteria instead of Subjects.

The Process

  1. Check the box 'Person Who modified data'
    then select a person from the 'drop-down' list.
    - if you want the result to include only
    data input or modified by this person

  2. Check a box under 'Pick Date(s) to Limit Data'
    here we checked 'Between 2 Dates Inclusive'
    'Start date (Inclusive)' is checked automatically

  3. Set (Click on) the Calendar 'Start Date'
    - here we chose 12-Aug-14 -

  4. Check the box 'End Date (Inclusive)'

  5. Set (Click on) the Calendar 'End Date'
    - here we chose 25-Aug-14 -

  6. Push the 'Select' button
    - obtain the result below -

Db Page

Db Page

Db Page

Simply click on one of the 3 choices under 'Date In/Person Who Modified Last' to view the data.

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