MVDB Functions:
Matrix View DataBase

Click the Links below
Finding & Viewing Data
Go to Info

Subjects with Groups

Go to Info

Using 'Switch'
Go to Info
Edit, Add, Delete Data
Press the button
Edit, Add, Delete ->

Add / Delete a Picture
Click on the Picture
Go to Info

Populate 'drop-down' Lists
and turn on/off auto-enter
during Input Mode
Press the button

Populate Auto In

Compare, and
Auto-Input Data

from Cdex, vcf Files
Press the button

Import /Test ->
view MVDB Data with
Scheduled Event(s)

Go to Info
from Schedule View - Edit
Press the 3 buttons
Schedule View Page
Go to Address with Mapquest
Go to Web Site with Default Browser
Go to Default E-Mail Client

Export / Find Data
Press the button
Export Find ->