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Export - Report Page

All Exports go to this  central 'Reports' Page where they are combined and shared.
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Add (combine), Find, Share, Import, Export, Save, Open, Notes, Print, E-Mails/Txt

This is the page that is initialized when you:
Press the Find Share button on the Clandex Hub - Openning screen. View 'Hub'
Schedule View Page
View Result  (with no data Exported)
- OR -
Click on the Export Find -> button
on either the Schedule View Page or the MVDB View Page.

View Result   (after pressing 'Find Next' 2x)
Notice the keyword 'Bank' has been highlighted 2x
    Exporting Files to Import - the 'Export Format ->' function:
    The calandex creates 3 different file formats automatically.
    These files can then be shared on:
  1. Calandex (.Cdex) files:
  2. vCalendar / ToDo (.ics) files:
  3. vCard (.vcf) files:
    The Process of Creating Files:
  1. Choose the file types that you wish to Export:
    here we have selected all 3 - for Export rules   see dB Info and see Chronolog Info

    Schedule View Page
  2. Press the '-> Go' button.   see Result
    The Calandex creates Export Files and inserts their Names and Location at the top of the View.