Text Message Algorithm Page
to assist in sending test messages to cell phones.

This is the page that is initialized when you:

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  1. Press the 'Select Emails ->' button on the 'Reports' Page (above).
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            This page is for E-Mail Set Up / Text Msg algorithm.
  3. Press the 'Txt SetUp -> (txt)' button on this 'E-Mail' Page (below). View Page
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    SMS stands for 'Short Message Service'

This page provides the following functions:
provides a customizeable algorithm to limit the size of Text Messages
before they are sent to cell phones.

Important Note:
   When you Close this page, (Press the 'Close' button upper-right)
all the checked Addresses will appear in the Reports Page 'drop-down' list
and will be forwarded to your E-Mail client when the 'Mail Box' button is pressed.

  When you press the 'txt' button on the Reports page,
The Text message algorithm will be applied to the entire body of the E-Mail.
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Send 'Txt Msg' to Cell Phones

You can send the body of a report to a Cell Phone just like sending a text message (SMS format). Simply send the E-Mail to the cell phone 10 digit phone number followed by @ plus the carries designated E-Mail gateway name. Press the @domain.tld (SMS) button for a reference list of carriers with their SMS gateways. A list of no-charge SMS/cell phone text message gateways (USA) is provided at:

List of Carriers for free (SMS) Text Message gateways.

Some of the most common ones are:

Tip !!   This information is redily available on the Internet !!!

Algorithm Details:
The algorithm looks for whats on the left of '=' (equals sign)
and replaces it with whats on the right side of '='
Important Note: Be careful to use the space character judiciously.

text from=text to
Caution:   use spaces judiciously -
You cannot see spaces in the current algorithm.

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