The Schedule Export View (Left Pane)

All Exports go to a central 'Reports' Page where they can be combined and shared.

This is the page that is initialized when you:

There is a 2 step process
for selecting the Event(s) to Export.

Caution:   When you check , 'Export Notes only',
the output is the only compatible with vCalendar Files (.ics) files.
You cannot Share this Export with any Calandex (Cdex) or vCard (.vcf) files'.
Tip:  Combine, Export and Save these Notes as a 'Notes' file !!

  1. Pick a Start Date and Time such that the first Event that you want to Export is visible.
    Make sure all the filters you want (if any) have been activated for the view.
    Click the 'Export Find ->' button.   View Page
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Pick an 'End Date' or Click on the last Event that you want to Export.
          - here the 2nd Time box under July 26th - See Page
      Your Export will begin with the first Event on the initial page.
          (the one you were on when you pressed the 'Export Find ->' button)
      Press the Go -> button -    See Result
    • You can make the Event that you clicked the initial Event -
      Simply Click on another Event that you want to make the last one Exported.
          - here the Time box under August 3rd - See Page
      Your Export will begin on what was the first selection (first End Date) -
          to the current selection.
      Press the Go -> button -    See Result
      Note: Once you click on a second Event, you cannot change the inital Event.
      You can however continue to change the last Event or End Date.
          - here clicked the 'Go to End' button - See Page
      Press the Go -> button -    See Result

    Notes are not duplicated when exporting Recurring Event(s)
    since they may be large and take up considerable space.
    They are referenced however.

View a summary of the steps above.   See Summary

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