Select Schedule View Functions:
Go to Details
Click the Links below
Setting the Start Date
and Time to View

Go to Info

Using Filters
to change the view
Go to Info<>

Populate the Subject List
Press the button
Subjects Checklist ->
Go to Info

Add New Event(s)
Press the button
Schedule Event(s) ->

Edit Event(s)
- also -
View Event Details
- Including -
..Notes and added Subjects..

Add Recurring Elements
including 'Every Year' tag
Press the button

- also -
File Maintenance
continue schedule - 'Every Year'
Chronolog batch Maintenance 
Go to Info
- and -
View Event(s)
with the MVDB

Press the button MVDB>
Go to MVDB
(no combining with Event(s))

Press the MVDB ->  button
Export Event(s)
Press the Export Find ->  button