(Use your mouse and drag the lines between the panes to change the window size)

Calandex Setup: -   After initial Set Up
That is after you removed 'Admin' and put in your personal User Name / Password pair.

Go to Initial SetUp

Recommend you review this 'Getting Started' before entering any data in the Calandex program.

  1. User Name / Passwords     More....
  2. Set up the 'View Mode Only' option     More....
  3. .
  4. Set up the 'Calendar's Start Day' option.
  5.     More....
  6. Set up 'Time Speed Buttons' option.
  7.     More....
  8. Set up 'Web Speed Buttons' option.
  9.     More....
  10. Set up 'Default Web Browser' option.
  11.     More....
  12. Set up Windows for the Calandex: Go to Info (below).

Note: - Also on this page: -
Schedule / Chronolog File Maintenance:   Go to Info
Press the 'Go' button under 'Yearly Event < ~1 Month' or the 'Sch Maint' button.

User Names / Passwords

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Warning - This User Name / Password is not meant to keep your data secure.
It is only for the purpose of recording the User who enters/modifies data.
Your computer and network should always be safe behind virus and spyware protection
as well as a firewall.

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View Mode Only

'View Mode Only' allows a quick view of data without having to Sign In

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Calendars Start Day

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Time Speed Buttons see Page

Open Page Open Page

Open Page

Press the -> Select button (above) to get (left)

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Web Speed Buttons see Page
Program 12 buttons on the Open Page (Hub)   see Page
Note that in the example below, all the buttons (and labels) have been programmed.

Open Page

Result (Sample)Press the '-> Select' button (above) to get (below)
Open Page Open Page

Set Your Default Web Browser
This is important for adding Pictures to the Subjects on the MVDB Page
If you do not get an Image when trying to add a Picture file, make sure you have chosen the correct Browser.

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Windows Set Up for the Calandex
(examples below are for Windows 7)

Important   Third party applications that access the Internet through a browser and/or an e-mail program automatically link through the Windows default browser and mail programs respectively. Microsoft will initially set these programs to Internet Explorer and Outlook Express for obvious reasons. If you use programs other than Microsoft's such as Mozzilla's Firefox browser and/or Thunderbird e-mail program, you can easily set these up as your defaults. (see Windows or the application's help files)

Caution  It is very important to have connection to the Internet when the Calandex calls these Windows defaults.

Setting Mail Client Default  

To change your Windows Internet Mail Client default program, perform the following simple tasks:
(the below procedure may vary depending on the version of Windows)

  1. Open the 'Default Programs' program in the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Click on 'Set your default programs'.
  3. Make your selections.
We recommend Mozzilla's Thunderbird as a viable E-Mail program that will work with the Calandex if your favorite E-Mail client does not get automatically called by the Calandex. It is a free download from Mozzilla.

Windows Date and Time Format

The following information pertains to Calandex Date and Time format

   Warning: The Calandex is not compatable with all Date and Time formats. If you have problems, set your Windows formats to the recommended settings above.

The Calandex on a Local Area Network (LAN)

The following information is vital to operating the Calandex on a LAN.

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