Understanding the Calandex II
(a brief overview)
It is recommended that you scan this page that outlines the Calandex functions.

See Getting Started / Setup before entering any data in the Calandex program

The Calandex consists of 3 major functions.
They are:

  1. A Calendar / Chronolog   (Scheduler)

  2. Quick view with filters, unlimited notes and full editing for each Event.
  3. Subject/Group Database (contacts) - 'MVDB DataBase'
    (MVDB = Matrix View DataBase)
    Quick LookUp for Subjects / Groups with unlimited notes and full editing for each
    Ability to 'Switch' from Subject to Group and vice versa
    along with unlimited attached Address/Web and Phone/E-Mail records for each.
      Quick go to:
    • MapQuest to Address
    • Default Browser to Web Site
    • Send to E-mail client with Address and Notes included
    • Export Individual or all in a Group
  4. Filter, Combine, Find, and Share Import, Export (local network and standard Internet files)

Support tools exist to make these functions
fast, efficient, useful, and versitile. They are:

The Calandex consists of 9 separate selectable pages.
(This is just an overview for each page and function
for details go to 'Opening the Calandex').

    They are:
  1. Start Up Page (the 'Hub')
  2. About Page (company & Version info / Registration)
  3. FBx Calandex, Sign In - User/Password Setup + Schedule File Maintenace
  4. Schedule View (and Edit) Page
  5. Scheduling Event(s) Page
  6. Matrix View DataBase (MVDB)
  7. Defaults (populate Schedule Subjects and MVDB inputs)
  8. Reports (Exports for combining, saving, printing, shareing, and E-Mail/Text messages)
  9. Compare Page for Importing and comparing MVDB data

Start Up Page (the 'Hub')   Go to Info

Calandex Open Page

The Start Up Page is a small window created at the center of the desktop when the program is executed.

The 'About Page' - Register the Calandex II
Click on the 'Register' button to get the image below   Go to Info

Calandex Register

Calandex - Sign In, Set Up, User Names/Passwords and File Maintenance
Click on the 'Sign In Maint ->' button then the 'Go' button,
then the 'Set Up' button (below) to get the image below   Go to Info

Calandex Set Up

Calendar / Chronolog - Schedule View
Click on the 'Go' button, to get the image below.   Go to Info

Calandex Schedule View Page

The Calendar / Chronolog / Schedule Event Editing
Click on the Event, then 'Edit' button -   Go to Info
the details of the chosen event are shown below along with editing functions.

Calandex Schedule Edit

The Combined Schedule / MVDB View

Combined Schedule / MVDB View

The Schedule - File Maintenance Page
Click on the 'Sign In maint ->' button then the 'Go' button,
then the 'Sch Maint' button (below) or the 'Go' button under 'Yearly Event < ~1 Month'(below)
to get the image below   Go to Info

Calandex File Maintenance

Event(s) Input
Click on the 'Schedule Event(s) ->' button on the Schedule View page
to get the image below)   Go to Info

Calandex Schedule Event(s) Page

The 'Matrix View DataBase' - MVDB Database View (Contact list)
Click on the 'Db' button on the 'Hub' or
the 'MVDB ->' button on the Schedule View page to get the image below   Go to Info

Calandex DataBase Page

Defaults  Go to Info

Calandex Defaults Page

Reports - Export
All 'Exports' go to this central 'Reports' Page
where they can be combined and shared
  see Page   Go to Info

 Calandex Reports Page

Reports - E-Mail Set Up  Go to Info
Press the 'Select Emails ->' button to get the view below

Calandex EMail Page

Reports - Text Message Algorithm  Go to Info

Calandex Text Message Page

Import and MVDB Compare
All 'Imports' go to this Page to be Reviewed
where they can be edited and saved
  Go to Info

Calandex Reports Result Page