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Add or Change a Picture - MVDB

Pictures are associated with the Subject (Person) being viewed.

Pictures can be added in 3 ways:
see Notes below !!

  1. If there is an Imported Picture file in the 'Import' Directory,
    the Calandex will automatically detect this when the MVDB database is activated.
      The Calandex will direct your desired actions.

  2. Right-click on an Image and 'Copy' it to the Windows Clipboard.
    'Copy' or 'Copy Image' depending on your default Web Browser
    Then Click on the 'Click Here to Add a Picture' on the MVDB.

  3. Click on the 'Click Here to Add a Picture' on the MVDB
    Without an Image in the Windows Clipboard
    Use the Open Dialog to point to the desired Picture File.
    Press the 'Open' button on the Open Dialog.

Warning - If the Picture in 3 above does not show in your Browser,
it is either the wrong type of file or too large for the Internet.
Make sure you choose the proper 'Default' Browser during Set Up of the Calandex

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