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Put Family Pictures on your Refrigerator - Put Information in your Computer !!!
Keep, Retrieve, and distribute the Infomation !!!
Simple "Common Sense" approach !!!
The Calandex II:  Family/Group Information & Communication
- Manager & Control Center -

"All in One View" Calendar "Plus the MVDB" Matrix View DataBase !!!

4 X 4 Performance
    Hybrid Efficiency

"High Tech" Software for "on the Go " people !!!

not just a Calendar - an Indexed Chronology   --    not just a Contact List - a Sophisticated Relational Database

The Calandex II makes your desktop computer a Control Center for collecting, securing, and distributing Information.

Organize: Appointments - Contacts - Messages - Itinerary Consolidate !!!
Track: Activities - Meetings - Lists - Budgets - Accomplishments Who - What - When - Where
Export: Save - Print - E-Mail - Cloud - Text Messages Communicate !!!
Integrate: Groups:   Family - Friends - Businesses - Associations
    Congregations - Clubs - Leagues - Civic Organizations. - Etc.
Past - Present - Future

"Easy" to learn "Fast" to use !!!

Fast - Easy - Effective & Efficient

Understanding the Calandex

Confused ???
v v v             v v v
Ques1 Family Cal_Time Place Ques2
What ?? Who ?? When ?? Where ?? What ??
+ disk = Couple, happy

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12 Simple ‘Point & Click’ Views
Installs on Home / Office Network (LAN)
Never miss another Appointment
Find Schedule/Contact Info Fast
Share Schedules, Contacts, and Messages !!
Export: Save - Print - E-mail - Txt Msg - Maps
Track Events - Accomplishments - Activities
No hidden menus to hunt through
All functions are readily accessible
You do not have to be a ‘Geek’
Provides an interface betrween your Web Browser & Mail Programs

Import / Export with other Calandex II (*.Cdex) and standard
Google / Apple devices via vCalendar (*.ics), vCard (*.vcf), and
Comma Delimmited Files (*.csv)

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