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"High Tech " software for "on the Go " People
“The fast & easy way to organize your Family / Group”

4 X 4 Performance
    Hybrid Efficiency

"All in One View" Calendar "Plus the MVDB" Matrix View DataBase !!!

The Calandex II makes your desktop computer a Control Center for collecting, securing, and distributing Information.

Take your calendar off your refrigerator and put up family pictures.
It is so much easier to enter data on your desktop where it is safe, backed-up, shared, and permanently recorded.
Don't endanger your sensitive information where it can be compromised by 'Big Brother' or Google snoops.
What if your mobile is stolen, damaged, or lost?
Your personal and sensitive information belongs on your home (desktop) organizer software where it is easy to locate and safe behind your electronic firewall.

not just a Calendar - an Indexed Chronology   --    not just a Contact List - a Sophisticated Relational Database

Contact Us at:
to customize the Calandex to meet your groups needs !!!

“Combines Scheduled Events with the 'Matrix View DataBase' (MVDB)"
Interfaces with your browser and mail program !!

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WOW !! "Everyone puts in their own Group data and then simply shares it
I don't have to enter everything myself" !!!

12 Simple ‘Point & Click’ Views
No hidden menus to hunt through
All functions are readily accessible
Communicates with the Internet

  Installation:   Installs on any Home Network so that the whole family can share information.
- or -
Each family member keep their own private database and share on the network, E-Mails, or the Cloud through auto created Calandex II formatted text files.

  Sign In:   Give all family members a user name and password so that all changes are tracked by operator and date.  Only the designated "Program Administrator" can delete entries (kids can't delete or change anonymously).

  View Mode Only   Allows quick view and data lookup without signing in. All fuctions are available in this mode except adding and editing data.

  Schedule View:   Each Event is presented in date and time chronological order without blank spaces.  Conveniently select a start date and time; then select any combination of filters by Subject, Day(s) of the Week, Description, and/or Time(s) of the Day.

  'All in One' Schedule View advantage:   You can use one all encompassing Calendar / Chronolog to handle your Personal, Family, Business, Work, Clubs, other Events etc. Just populate a selectable 'Subject' check box !!!
- Also -
Most computer calendars require you to continuously go back and fourth from the Day view to the Weekly view to the Monthly view then back to a Day view etc. To look at other family members at the same time can be tenuous, confusing, and time consuming. Our 'All in One' view eliminates this process. Although it is different from your experience, it is trmendously more efficient and valuable.

  Schedule, Input Event(s):   Type a brief description, select Subject(s) (and/or people), then select the Date, Time (or Date Only), and number of Days Spanned for an Event along with any Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and/or Yearly recurrences.  You may add additional Subjects and/or unlimited Notes.  You can attach data from the Matrix View DataBase (MVDB) if applicable.  You can also select Reminder(s) for a number of days before the Event(s).

  Schedule Edit:   The Edit mode replaces all the view selections with the details of the selected Event.  Any Event details can be changed. The Event can also be deleted. Edits can be applied to just the selected Event or all subsequent recurrences of the Event.

  Schedule File Maintenance:   At 'Sign In' you are reminded to schedule yearly Events 45 days before they are due by simply pushing a button.  Delete old unwanted or previously exported Event(s).  Batch delete by File Age, Subject or Description.

  MVDB Find / Select:   Locate People or Groups by filtering the selected field one character at a time.  Fields include Names, Address, Phones, E-Mail, Relationship Types, Date In, and ‘Who’ as well as Products, Services, and Functions.

  MVDB Add, Edit, Delete:   Add new People and/or Groups along with an unlimited number of Address and Phone/E-Mail records.  Appropriate fields contain selectable ‘drop down’ lists with ‘auto fill-in’ enabled and can have data automatically entered.  Auto fill-in includes State and Zip Code entries while entering a City.

  MVDB Select Connected:   Select from a list any Groups connected to a Person or vice versa (Person attached to a Group).  You may also select any Address and/or Phone E-Mail records that apply to either the Person or Group being viewed.  A ‘Switch’ function allows a technique called ‘Data Mining’ which greatly facilitates finding desired data.  Connect and/or Disconnect People to Groups at will.

  Schedule / MVDB Event:   You can view and export all Schedule details along with all applicable MVDB data.

  Internet Compatible:   A button automatically presents a Map (from for the address being viewed.  Also a button presents your E-Mail message create page addressed to the E-Mail Address being viewed with a choice to include the Notes.  Another valuable Internet feature allows you to select a lookup site such as, find a person with their address and phone number, and enter this info into the MVDB automatically with the push of a button.

  Defaults:   This page allows you to populate data drop down lists, enable auto input, and populate Subject check box.

  Reports:   Save to a file and/or print out any combination of Schedules and/or MVDB data along with chosen Notes.   Can also setup drop down list of E-Mail addresses so that all info can be sent to other computers and/or cell phones.

  E-Mails / Text Messaging:   Set up E-Mails Addresses and/or Groups of E-Mail Addresses in advance for easy selection.  Reduce the E-Mail message to a 'shortened character' (each Text Mesage is limited to 160 characters) message (msg) with an adjustable algorithm.  

  Notes:   Each Scheduled Event, Person, and Group contains a field for unlimited Notes.  Double click on any Notes field to enlarge the field and put it into edit mode.  Double click again after you finish entering data to return to normal mode.

  Use the Clipboard:   Right click and use the 'Cut, Copy, and Paste' commands of the Windows Clipboard to make your data even more versatile.

  Back-Up Cell Phone   Back up all your phone contacts stored in your cell phone in case it is lost or stolen. The Calandex can store low priority contact information so that your cell phone memory does not get clogged with data you seldom need.

  Prepare Messages in advance   Send E-Mail / Txt Messages that have been previously prepared with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  Import / Export Data   Import / Export any data that you may have in another Calandex II (*.Cdex), or
a Google / Apple device using standard vCalendar (*.ics), and/or vCard (*.vcf) files. Also Import Address Book data using the universal Comma Delimited Text file (*.csv).

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