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o      Opens at Beginning of current Day

o      Automatic Chronological view

o      All functions available for quick selection

o      Convenient buttons for fast start date / time selection

o      ‘Point and Click’ view filters for Subject (Who), Day(s) of the Week, Time(s) of the Day, and/or Description

o      Subject 'Check Boxes' are simply populated on the Defaults Page (not shown here).

o      Buttons pan the view forward or back in time one page at a time

o      Subject Check Boxes are easily populated and arranged on the selectable ‘Default’ page (not shown on this site).

o      The ‘Schedule Event(s) Button provides a separate page for simple ‘Point and Click’ Date and Time selections as well as adding Daily, Weekly, and/or Monthly recurring dates.

o      The ‘Export’ Button allows you to select and send your filtered Event(s) (which may extend beyond the visible screen area) to the Repots page to find, combine, save, print, and/or Export to the LAN, Cloud, or E-Mail the details including all notes.

o      Click an Event, Then Click ‘Edit’, and the left pane shows all the details of the Event including an unlimited Notes field, along with check boxes and buttons that allow you to change any and all parameters of the Event.  Double click the Notes field and the Notes field fills the entire area covered by the right 2 panes so that you can quickly add and modify Notes (see below image).

The Schedule View in Edit Mode


o      Check boxes prevent erroneous changes.

o      Double click the 'Notes' box and it fills the right 2 pages and puts the notes into 'edit' mode. Make your changes, then double click again to go back to normal schedule view mode.


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