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o      Opens: Choose to find a Person or Group

o      Select a parameter to search: Note that First Name, Middle Name, or Nick Name is a combined parameter for finding a person).

o      Start Typing (cursor is placed in ‘Search criteria Box) – The search criteria is limited with each character entered, Click on the desired record as soon as it appears (Bennett Family in the example above)

o      Double click Notes section to enlarge the Notes area and place the Notes in Edit Mode.

o      Press ‘World’ symbol - goes to 'MapQuest" and retrieves map to address being viewed.

o      Press the ‘MailBox’ symbol and auto access your E-Mail Message creator program (ie Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Etc...). The E-Mail address 'to:' box is set to the Address being viewed and you have a choice to include the notes field(s). the Recipients 'To' Box.

o      Export all data and save to a file, E-Mail data, and/or Print all viewed data.

o      ‘Drop Down Boxes’ are populated on the Defaults page where you can also choose to automatically enter data when adding data in Edit Mode.

o      Automatically enter all data found in “”, “” or any local file.

o      All data is safeguarded from accidental changes – The Edit Mode positive selection box is shown below – This box is accessed by pressing the ‘Edit, Add, or Delete Info' button.


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